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Visitors welcomed back to aged care facility

CHRISTMAS has come early for Heywood Rural Health Residential Aged Care residents as an ease in COVID restrictions has meant visitors have been invited back into the facility.

Victoria’s most recent COVID lockdown shut all visitors out of homes across the states, including aged care facilities, with residents and their families missing out on quality time.

Fortunately, recent changes in restrictions as the state reaches its vaccination targets and begins to open have meant families are now welcome to visit aged care facilities and take their loved ones out and about.

HRH chief executive officer Leigh Parker welcomed the news earlier this week.

“Since the start of the month we’ve been able to have people in and out of the facility.” he said.

“The residents are all very glad to be reunited with their loved ones but it has also meant we can get back to regular activities and programs.

“Entertainers can come in, we can have the hairdresser visit again and we can even take the residents out on trips – it’s been a very welcome change.”

Barbara Dahl is just one of many residents living at the facility and she said was elated to welcome her family back into her home earlier this month.

Ms Dahl’s daughter, Gayla Holmes, and her grandson, Matthew Guy have made frequent visits to her home since the restrictions eased.

“It has been quite tough being away from each other but we’ve kept in touch over the phone which has been nice,” Ms Holmes said.

“The staff have been so amazing throughout the whole experience and they’ve done everything they can to keep us in touch as much as possible, but there’s nothing like having the freedom again.

“We’ve seen mum a few times now since restrictions have eased – it’s been great to be able to take her out to appointments and out in town, we’re event putting up the Christmas tree with her this week.

“We have a bit more of a sense of normalcy now.”