Urgent Care Services

We offer a 24 hour urgent care service to the community.  Upon presentation at Heywood Rural Health a nursing staff member will undertake an assessment of the patient’s condition and then provide supportive care prior to referring the patient to the most appropriate health setting if required. The nurse may refer the patient to:-

  • The local Doctor (if a doctor is available)
  • Another local hospital (i.e. Portland, Hamilton)

If required our staff will arrange the patients transfer via Ambulance onto a higher level service such as Portland District Health.

The cost of the ambulance transfer is the responsibility of the patient.

Our Nurse Based Urgent Care Service does not involve Doctors unless they are available at the time to assist our nursing staff.

Nursing staff cannot admit patients to Heywood Rural Health unless a Doctor is present.

People who are seeking routine medical consultations should directly contact their own Doctor.

Our Nursing staff can assist patients with information on where additional services are available.

Acute Care

The 5 Acute care beds provide a vital service for Heywood community members, supporting palliative care, sub-acute needs, chronic health conditions or healthcare while awaiting a bed in residential care.