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Expression of Interest – Aboriginal Art Project

Community Health Hub


1.1 Private Art Commission

In December 2021, Heywood Rural Health completed the construction of a new multi-purpose room in the centre of the Community Health Hub. The new room named “Moorayt” will be the centre for health and wellbeing activities, staff development and training as well as being available for local community use.

Heywood Rural Health is inviting suitably experienced Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander artists to create a piece of artwork to feature in the newly opened multi-purpose room “Moorayt”. The purpose of this artwork is to recognise the Traditional Owners of the land, the Gunditjmara people and welcome visitors to their Country.

This project provides the artist with a significant opportunity to showcase their work as the art piece will be on display within “Moorayt”.

We’d like the art piece to:

• represent the cultural heritage values of Heywood;
• represent the Traditional Owners, the Gunditjmara People;
• add value to the quality of the experience to visitors from all over the country; and
• provide a visual piece that will capture and stimulate staff, consumer and visitor interest.
Artists are invited to submit design concepts that meet the above guidelines and deliver an innovative and creative artwork that will inspire and engage visitors.

1.2 Budget

A budget of up to $10,000 has been allocated to this project.

The fee will cover all costs associated with creating the artwork including materials, labour, fabrication, artist fees and installation. Heywood Rural Health will oversee the installation to ensure environmental, access and safety requirements are met.

Heywood Rural Health will separately fund a plaque to acknowledge the artist(s) (with or without photo per artist wishes) to be mounted adjacent to the commissioned artwork.

1.3 Process

Stage 1 – Expression of Interest (develop and submit proposed design concepts)
Stage 2 – Submissions reviewed by selection panel
Stage 3 – Commissioning of successful artist(s)
Stage 4 – Artwork production
Stage 5 – Artist(s) deliver completed artwork (commission acceptance)
Stage 6 – Installation


2.1 Heywood Rural Health

As a rural health service, Heywood Rural Health is an important part of the fabric of our community. We have been providing health services from our site since 1957 when a six bed hospital was established to provide invaluable quality health care.

Heywood Rural Health provides an integrated health services which comprises five low level acute beds, primary and community health programs and residential aged care services.

This commissioned art piece aims to demonstrate our organisation’s respect, and to create an acknowledgement of the Traditional Owners of this Country and an understanding of its deep significance to them. We see this area providing a great opportunity for Traditional Owners to share their stories and bring light to the important cultural heritage values of the area.

2.2 Stakeholder groups

Submissions will be considered by Traditional Owners and members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community via the following stakeholder groups:
• Winda-Mara Aboriginal Corporation (WMAC);
• Heywood Rural Health staff; and
• Heywood Rural Health consumers


3.1 Size

The area allocated for the artwork is an internal wall within Moorayt a maximum of 4 metres in length x 2 metres in height is available.

The artwork may be developed as a single piece of art or multiple panels but total area must not exceed the size allocated.

In selecting materials for use in the construction of the art piece, artists should consider cultural appropriateness, sustainability, and durability of materials.

Viewing of the space and the internal wall selected for the art work can be arranged by contacting the Chief Executive Officer. Contact details listed under Section 6.0

3.2 Timeline

4 February 2022 Expression of interest (EOI) opens
18 February 2022 EOI closes
19-28 February 2022 Evaluation of submissions
March 2022 Artist/s notified of outcome
March 2022 Contracting of successful artist/s
15 June 2022 Completed artwork delivered to Heywood Rural Health
30 June 2022 Installation completed acknowledgement ceremony
3-10 July 2022 Unveiling & acknowledgement ceremony held during NAIDOC week


4.1 Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria Weighting
Overall concept, creative approach and understanding of the brief 30%
Ability to deliver – understanding of the budget, process, timeline and fabrication and installation processes 30%
Demonstrated knowledge of Aboriginal culture heritage of Heywood and Traditional Custodians 40%

4.2 Selection Panel

A selection panel will select its preferred artist using the selection criteria detailed in Section 4.1 and the selection panel will consist of representatives from the Heywood Rural Health Board, Chief Executive Officer, Staff, Consumers and Winda-Mara Aboriginal Corporation.

4.3 Notification of Selection

The successful artist/s will be notified once the selection process has been completed. All respondents will be notified as soon as possible after the final decision.

Leigh Parker, Chief Executive Officer and is the primary point of contact for artists.

A Commissioning Agreement will be developed between the successful artist and Heywood Rural Health will make sure there is a clear understanding of all facets of the project. The agreement will be based on the Commissioning Agreement: Private or Commercial Visual Artwork from Arts Law Centre of Australia.

4.4 Concept Copyright

The Artist will retain the intellectual property and copyright of the concepts they have proposed as part of the EOI process.

4.5 Project Acceptance, Ownership and Copyright

Heywood Rural Health will take ownership of the artwork once it has been completed.

The legal title and copyright of the work will be spelled out in the agreement between the artist and Heywood Rural Health.

The contract will provide licence for Heywood Rural Health to have unrestricted use of the artwork provided that the name of the artist, title of the work and date is acknowledged.
Additionally, Heywood Rural Health will require the artist not to reproduce the exact artwork for any other party.


Interested artists should apply with the following:

Concept Statement in writing, rough sketch or digitally rendered form, whichever medium is most suitable for the artist to communicate their ideas. This could also be presented verbally as guided by the artist. The statement should include:

• Conceptual methodology and possible artwork approach;
• How the design relates to or expresses the concept design guidelines;
• How the design relates to the artists previous experience;
• A statement confirming the artist’s ability to meet the budget and the program. Provide a breakdown of the budget and how it will
cover all expenses;
• An artist biography;
• Names and contacts of two relevant referees; and
• Details of auspice or individual ABN and GST status.
Submissions close by 5pm on Friday 18 February 2022

Applications should be marked to the attention of the Chief Executive Officer and can be;

• Emailed to
• Mailed to PO Box, Heywood Rural Health VIC 3304
• Delivered to Heywood Rural Health – 21-23 Barclay Street, Heywood VIC 3304

Chief Executive Officer
Leigh Parker
Phone: 03 5527 0528
Email: ceo@hrh-admin