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In an Emergency, Call '000'

21 Barclay Street, Heywood, VIC, 3304


Heywood Rural Health (HRH) has once again scored impressively high in their recent external audit conducted by the Victorian Infection Prevention Services.

The overall facility score of 99% is not an unusual result for HRH, as we consistently score around 98%,99% and 100%.

Environmental Services Team Leader, Oren Benbow attributes the continued high scoring to dedicated and professional environmental services staff, who are exceptional at their work and are dedicated to keeping our aged care residents safe.

The audit was conducted using a set of guidelines with each specific area being audited to allow for a more thorough report.

The report is written using the scoring system from the Cleaning Standards for Victorian health facilities, which uses a demerit point risk adjusted system.

When conducting the audit, there are 15 elements reviewed in each functional area or room being audited.

It’s a real credit to all members of the Environmental Team and the audit gives our residents, consumers and the broader community confidence that HRH has an extremely clean and safe environment.

Our Environmental Services staff plays a vital role in the management of infection prevention and control.

Well done team.