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Medical Clinic – Voice of the Patient Survey

As part of the organisations ongoing commitment to quality improvement – the medical clinic conducted a patient survey in early 2022.   Overall the clinic performed well, scoring above average for:

  • offering a well presented clinic
  • Staff who demonstrate respect, privacy and work well together to provide health care within our community. 

The survey showed us that there were some key areas for improvement.  These included:

  • Make urgent appointment times available to see the doctor
  • Offer options for different appointment times.
  • Sitting in the waiting room for too long, for scheduled appointment with doctor   

As a result of your feedback the medical clinic has made some key changes as follows: 

  • Allocated urgent appointment time slots each day
  • Practice Nurses assess the urgency of  appointments, to enable patients with high priority’s to see the doctor first
  • Request that patients to make longer appointments with their doctor if they have more than one issue to discuss.
  • Patients are informed if the doctor or nurses are running late and provided with the option to reschedule
  • Introduced a cancellation list

Thank you for the feedback you have provided. We will be looking at doing another survey in the near future to see how we are tracking with the feedback you shared with us.