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In an Emergency, Call '000'

21 Barclay Street, Heywood, VIC, 3304

Allied Health Services at HRH

Did you know chronic disease contributes to 37% of hospital admissions in Australia (Source: Australian Institute of Health and welfare 2018). Are you experiencing, or have you been recently diagnosed with a chronic condition and are you looking for some support to enable you to better manage the health condition you have? The most common chronic health conditions Australia wide are diabetes, arthritis, asthma, cardiovascular disease, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) cancer, back pain and mental health

Heywood Rural Health offers a range of community health services, within Heywood and surrounding districts. Our team includes: Diabetes Educator, Physiotherapist, Podiatry, Dietitian, as well as a visiting mental health and support service, with the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Our community Health Services are offered on a one to one bases or in a group session, and are tailored to suit your individual requirements.   Our professional and experienced team will work alongside you to develop a health program that is based on your needs.  Did you know we offer a diabetes support group, which is co facilitated by our diabetes educator and dietitian?

You can access any of our community health services, and although a referral from your GP is preferred, you now have the option of completing a self-referral form to access a community service of your choice.  

You are welcome to reach out to us on 5527 0555 if you would like to make a start on improving your health and wellbeing, with the support of the community health team at Heywood Rural Health.