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In an Emergency, Call '000'

21 Barclay Street, Heywood, VIC, 3304


Did you know?…

Heywood Rural Health offers Physiotherapy services to our local community

  • Have you recently had surgery? This may be a total hip replacement, a total knee replacement, knee arthroscopic surgery, shoulder or spinal surgery
  • Do you experience back or joint pain?
  • Are you worried about your balance and want to reduce your risk of falling?  Medical conditions such as a stroke, Parkinson’s disease, or discomfort from arthritis can make walking, standing and reaching difficult. 
  • Have you experienced a heart attack, have Asthma or shortness of breath from pulmonary disease?

A Physiotherapist can help by discussing your health condition with you and looking at the best way to manage a problem, improve your movement and activity level.

To provide you with the best care we do ask that you have a referral from your GP, Practice Nurse, or any of the Allied Health or District Nursing Services you may already be seeing at Heywood Rural Health.

Bring your referral to our Reception, or ask for your referral to be faxed to us: 5527 1177.

From there you will be contacted for an appointment.

The staff at Heywood Rural Health respect your social, cultural needs, and develop a program with you to achieve your individual health goals.