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In an Emergency, Call '000'

21 Barclay Street, Heywood, VIC, 3304


National Meals on Wheels Day is celebrated every year on the last Wednesday in August.

The day provides an opportunity to recognise the dedication, commitment and resilience of all Meals on Wheels volunteers, who tirelessly support vulnerable members of our community.

Heywood Rural Health (HRH) deliver freshly cooked meals to the Heywood community Mon – Fri with frozen meals provided for the weekend.

The Heywood Men’s Shed deliver frozen meals outside of the town boundaries once a week going as far as Nelson, Hotspur, Narrawong etc.

HRH delivered a total of 3564 meals in the last twelve months, of which 2678 meals were delivered to the home by volunteers (768 frozen to the wider community by the Heywood Men’s Shed) and 886 were delivered to Riverwood the local shire run community centre.

We deliver nutritious meals, conduct a wellbeing check and facilitate independence by keeping people connected within their communities.

There are no restrictions or strict guidelines for receiving Meals on Wheels. Anyone who can’t shop or cook for themselves, along with anyone who considers themselves ‘in need’ can receive our meals.

This may include an elderly individual, someone recovering from a hospital visit or an individual with a disability.

To apply for Meals on Wheels please contact the Glenelg Shire Council on PH: 5522 2204 or speak with your Home Care Package provider.

If you want to become a Meals on Wheels volunteer driver please contact Teisha, HRH Volunteer Coordinator on PH: 5527 0555    Essentially, Meals on Wheels needs more wheels!

Thank you to all our wonderful Meals on Wheels volunteers who service our community every week.