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Chair yoga for HRH residents find strength in every pose

Residents at Heywood Rural Health are embracing the health benefits of chair yoga, thanks to a grant from the United Way Glenelg Lewis Court Fund.

Led by the experienced yogini, Shae Spry, participants are indulging in an hour of serene relaxation with some strength yoga poses, all aimed at enhancing the well-being of older individuals.

Donna Carter, Activity Coordinator at Heywood Rural Health, expressed the residents’ enthusiasm for the sessions, stating, “Many of our residents eagerly anticipate these sessions. If chair yoga isn’t on the schedule, they’re genuinely disappointed. It’s truly become a highlight for them.”

The impact of chair yoga on participants has been profound. One such resident, Sharron Holmes, loves attending the weekly program, despite being confined to a wheelchair; Sharon finds joy and strength in the laughter and movements facilitated by chair yoga.

Nicole Carr, Executive Officer of United Way Glenelg, remarked, “As participants continue to experience the physical and emotional benefits of the chair yoga sessions, the undeniable ripple effect on the health and happiness of the residents is evident.”

“Shae’s expertise as an instructor shines as she gently guides older individuals through each movement.”

Leigh Parker, Chief Executive Officer at Heywood Rural Health, said “he was extremely grateful for the generous funds provided by United Way Glenelg.  We have a great relationship with United Way Glenelg who play an important part of our HRH Community. They are involved in several of our programs and have provided other funding opportunities in the past. It is wonderful to see how engaged the residents are which is really important for the wellbeing.”