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Breath of Life – QUBE Port Donation

Thanks to a generous $4000 donation from QUBE Ports Portland, Heywood Rural Health now has two new oxygen concentrator units. 

These units fulfill an important function for a medical facility as explained on the manufacturer’s website: ‘While oxygen cylinders can run out of oxygen, an oxygen concentrator will never run out of oxygen as long as it has air available and a supply of power. An oxygen concentrator extracts oxygen from the air itself, making the supply unlimited and readily available.’ 

Sharon Freyer from QUBE Ports explained that “every year QUBE Ports in Portland as a collective team have goals to meet in working safely” QUBE has a programme whereby they accumulate $500 each month which can be spent on a nominated charity at the end of each year .”We can nominate a local charity and we ensure that the funds raised are spent in the local community”. Freyer explained that “we have employees from all areas of the Shire, our teams as a collective can nominate local charities. One of them suggested HRH and their requirement for the oxygen concentrator units which met the criteria for “longevity of funds working in the community”.

Leigh Parker, Chief Executive Officer at Heywood Rural Health stated that “HRH is very grateful for the substantial donation received from QUBE Ports Portland. This has allowed HRH to purchase two oxygen concentrators for resident use in the Aged Care Facility. The oxygen concentrators improve the quality and care and life of residents who require them.  We are always amazed at the generous support we receive from Community businesses such as QUBE Ports. We welcome new partnerships and donations to assist improve the quality and safety of the services provided at Heywood Rural Health”.

Names in the photo are from left:

Andrew Neve-Qube Ports Portland Shift Manager, Kylie Hayter-HRH Acting Nurse Unit Manager, Carmen Skewes-HRH Nurse, Carolyn Annett-HRH Nurse, Taneha Benson-Director Clinical Services, Nigel Huppatz-Qube Ports Portland Operations Manager, Simon Thomas-Qube Ports Portland Workforce Health & Safety Rep.