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Meet our Leisure & Lifestyle Team

Donna Carter, Liz Nunn and Chrissy Rogers are our amazing and supportive Leisure & Lifestyle Team at Heywood Rural Health.  Donna and Liz hold their certificate in Leisure & Lifestyle and are all trained in using Montessori Principles, which helps them create a quality and enjoyable lifestyle for the residents.

The Leisure and Lifestyle team like to use the Montessori method, which is all about getting to know an individual resident, and what makes them who they are. The idea is to help ensure a person’s life has purpose.

“We want to support residents to have a meaningful role in our community, and to participate to the best of their abilities”.

“Each resident has their own social profile which enables us to better understand each person’s choices, preferences, and abilities.  The social profile is a great way to plan daily activities and ensure there is plenty of variety and options for everyone”.

“We put a real emphasis on supporting residents to get out and about, and find ways for each resident to gain confidence, as well as participate in activities they choose”.

Some of the many ways we entertain, socialise and connect are:

  • Bingo: a big favourite
  • Live entertainment: Including musicians, dance, and art
  • Intergenerational program Dolly Parton Magical Storytime: with primary school /Kindergarten students, organised and funded by United Way Glenelg
  • Intergenerational program Cycling without Age: volunteers take residents on a leisurely bike ride around the community on a specialised bicycle called a trishawi
  • Glenelg library: provide large print books for residents
  • Theme Days, including and not limited to: Footy colours, Halloween, Hawaii, Pink Day, and the Royal Family
  • Weekly church services: representing all denominations
  • Outings: including a scenic drive, meals, and  walk & talk
  • Eating with Friends; organised by the Men’s Shed and attended by Heywood Rural Health volunteers and community members
  • Indoor activities: word searches, puzzles, scattergories and quizzes

“We love our new kitchenette which allows our residents bake and create treats to share with other residents.  It’s a wonderful way to get those cooking aromas through their home, to enhance appetites and friendly chatter”.

“Residents also enjoy gardening, and raised garden beds make this easier “.

“These kinds of activities empower the residents and give them a sense of belonging and involvement”.

Residents, their family and friends are always welcome to provide suggestions and feedback and are encouraged to contact the Leisure and Lifestyle team on PH: 5527 0511.

Photo from left: Liz Nunn and Donna Carter (Leisure & Lifestyle), Chrissy Rogers was not available at time of photo.