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HRH welcomed a new member to the Leadership Team as their new Director Clinical Services (DCS).

Following the retirement of Glynis Dean, former DCS another Port Fairy resident Taneha Benson has stepped into the role.

Taneha is currently working part-time as she sees out her prior commitments at another place of employment but will start working the position full time by the end of April 2023.

For almost three years Taneha has been employed at Moyne Health Services, where she gained experience as an associate nurse unit manager and shift coordinator.

While at Moyne Health Services Taneha worked closely beside Glynis Dean, who originally introduced her to Heywood Rural Health 18 months ago. “It was prior to the aged care accreditation to support Glynis to do some care planning reviews, assessment and documentation”, Ms Benson said.

“It was meant to be just a casual short stint and then I came down here, loved it, loved the team, I kind of just never really left and so I’ve been part-time here and part-time at Moyne Health Services since”.

Taneha will travel between her home town and work, but said she had prior experience with commuting to work.

“To be honest it will take a little bit to get used to again, and I say again, because I used to work at Portland District Health, and living on the other side of Warrnambool”.

“It was a drive I got used to and did day in, day out, but I haven’t done it for a little while, so it’ll be just adjusting back to that”.

As a mother to a three year old, Taneha does look forward to enjoying weekends and public holidays off as part of her new position in comparison to her previous role as a nurse working three days per week.

She has found juggling her two roles a mother and health service worker has provided benefits, but also has its challenges, and said it will be nice to get a work and family life balance.

Ms Benson said she is aware there will be challenges in her new role and she is prepared to do what is needed to make HRH the best if can be.

“At the end of the day, we’re here for the residents, patients and community,” she said.

“Making sure we’re providing the best possible health service we can for all is ultimately the main goal and expectation that I have upon myself and to work with the leadership team, because that’s a big part of the organisations strategic plan for service provision both now and into the future.

I’m really excited to be given the opportunity and I’m really hoping I can just bring a level of energy, passion and innovation to the role to help the Board, CEO and the team.”

Welcome to Heywood Rural Health Taneha Benson.