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Retiring into a more spontaneity – Glynis Dean, Director Clinical Services

HRH held a surprise ‘High Tea’ retirement party shared with colleagues and residents.

For the past two years Glynis Dean has held the busy position of HRH Director Clinical Services, but that was just the final phase of her 48 years of experience as a nurse.

As a Port Fairy local, Glynis has worked throughout the region but Heywood is a special place that kept her on her toes – especially the early morning drives to HRH.

Glynis described the consistent travel as an experience and looks forward to more experiences during retirement.

“It’s probably going to be a bit like a holiday first, but I plan on taking up golf again and getting out on the golf course which will be an experience and plans to do some travelling and spending more time with family” she said.

Glynis originally has a background in operating theatres but moved to aged care about 12 years ago, and o has seen some fairly significant advances in nursing throughout her career.

When she had first started nursing, she had to wear starched aprons and hats. Just the changes since when she was in theatre, going from major incision in surgery to keyhole surgery and then in aged care we’ve had all the changes in the royal commissions that we’re moving into now.

A lot has changed for the better.

“I’ve done lots and lots of things and seen lots and lots of places”. That’s all finished and I can let somebody else take the reins and look after the place”.

Glynis said she was aware HRH would be her last hurrah and described her position as being a really great journey.

HRH thank Glynis for her dedicated service to the aged care and acute facility over the past two years and wish her a well-deserved rest and happy retirement.

Photo: Glynis Dean enjoying some cake with the residents and staff at HRH.

Thank you to the Portland Observer for the article published on 07 April 2023.