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HRH Accreditation Delights Staff

Heywood Rural Health (HRH) underwent Acute accreditation recently and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

The hospital received confirmation of a “successful” accreditation by Australian Council on Healthcare Standard (ACHS), after the facility’s function was assessed.

Director of Clinical Services, Taneha Benson, said ACHS were pleased with the changes made within the health service since their last assessment three years prior, calling them significant improvements.

“It’s basically looking at a series of standards and how we’re monitoring or performing, based off those series of standards”, she said.

“They come around, they have a chat to the staff, do a bit of a walk around and they require a series of information.

Then they issue us with a response around how they think we’re going and then obviously we get issued with a certificate around whether we have passed and become accredited”.

Standards were set around the physical environment including infrastructure and improvements made within the Urgent Care Centre as well as the Sub-Acute sector.

Further, they analyse the knowledge, skills and expertise of staff who deliver the service.

Based on the successful passing of these set standards, patient can expect to receive the same quality treatment at HRH as any other hospital.

Heywood Rural Health have formally received Accreditation for the next 3 years (July 2026).

Well done to all the Team at HRH for the ability to provide high level care to the community.

Photo: HRH Leigh Parker-CEO, Marg McPherson-Clinical Education, Oren Benbow-Environmental Services, Amy Johnston-NUM, Di Stingel & Ali Shaw-Registered nurses, Leigh Beddows-Support Services Manager, Taneha Benson-Director Clinical Services (just some of the staff that made the successful accreditation reality)

Thank you to the Portland Observer for the article and photo published in the Observer on 11 August 2023.